In their own words, some more poetic than others:

Iulia, the owner and a student of life

An entrepreneurial spirit and a curious mind, Iulia simply enjoys people and their stories. She believes that anything is possible in life if one truly wants it and has taken this life philosophy to each experience she’s lived. Connect Lounge was simply an idea back in 2010, an idea that came from her writing down a list of things she really enjoyed doing as well as skills she had. As years went by, the thought of creating this social welcoming space kept coming back. The journey to create it began in late 2015. Connect Lounge opened in the spring of 2018, and Iulia feels more inspired than ever.

Chef Amanda

My inspiration for cooking came at a very early age from my Dad, who was and still is my first teacher and mentor. Not only am I proud of who I am and my culinary lineage, but I also have a great sense of satisfaction and honor in every dish I create. As a chef, the greatest gratification I receive is from a customer experiencing as much joy eating a dish as I did creating it. I believe each plate is its own special connection: a connection to my family lineage, a connection between the foods, a connection between myself and the customer, and a connection between those gathered to eat.

And last but not least: Thomas:

– the man, the myth and the legend. Cut from the same cloth as Dalton from Road House. His words carry on like an echo through the ages. His Face sculpted by the gods themselves. His Body chiseled to the proportions of Michelangelo’s David. His musk was obtained from the breeze of the heavens. His essence more powerful than the gust of a thousand winds. His passion for life cannot be matched or measured. Trying to read his life’s map will have you lost in him forever. Don’t believe us? Come in and experience it for yourself!